Brian Yaeger Culinary Treasure Network Contributor

Brian Yaeger Culinary Treasure Network Contributor

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Brian Yaeger Culinary Treasure Network Contributor

Brian Yaeger’s Bio

Brian is a devoted Dad, loving Husband, pragmatic optimist, Author, Beer Writer, Doughnut Writer, Certified Cicerone®, Certified Cider Professional™, Founder of Grand Craft Beer, Founder of Baker’s Dozen Coffee Beers & Doughnut Festival, Teacher, and Culinary Treasure Network contributor.

Brian is the Author of two books (so far) – Red, White, and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey (St. Martin’s) & Oregon Breweries (Globe Pequot). See below for more info about both of these books.

Brian has a third book in the works – American Doughnut. Look for that book to be published in 2022.

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Brian can be reached via email –  [email protected]

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Brian Yaeger Culinary Treasure Network Contributor Brian Yaeger Culinary Treasure Network Contributor

Brian’s Books

 Oregon Breweries (2014, Stackpole) is the comprehensive brewery guide to one of the nation’s largest and most creative craft brewing epicenters. Featuring profiles of 190 breweries in the Beaver State from Astoria to Ashland, the brewers and beers that make not just Portland but all of Oregon “Beervana” make this the compelling, compulsory companion to your beercation through the entire state.

Link to Purchase Oregon Breweries –

Red, White, and Brew (2008, St. Martin’s) is the ultimate beer run across the United States, during which Brian Yaeger visits fourteen breweries of various sizes and talks to founders, owners, brewmasters, consumers, and anyone else he meets on his odyssey and who enjoys the making, tasting, and appreciating of brews.

Red, White, and Brew pursues the roots of brewers who brought their craft with them from their homeland and investigates how the tradition is faring today and where it may head in the future. Covering everything from fifth-generation family-run brewing companies to first-wave microbreweries, this book is a travelogue, guide, and genealogical study of beer families and homebrewers from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon. It is filled with eclectic characters and shrewd businesspeople who populate an industry as old as the New World, and who produce liquid philanthropy, one keg at a time.

Link to purchase Red, White, and Brew –

Brian Yaeger Culinary Treasure Network Contributor