Reverend Nat’s Cinco de Mayo ¡Tepache! Release Party – May 5th 2014

This Monday night May 5th from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM Reverend Nat’s Cider is having a delightful party featuring their *Tepache and the glorious tamales that Tamale Boy begats!

Trust me – You want to got to this party!

Here is a link to but tickets  – www.reverendnatshardcider.com/tepache

I will be there working on a future Great Food Great Stories article. If you show up, make sure to come by and say hi!

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*Tepache – Pineapple Cider

Tepache is a traditional Mexican beverage made from pineapples.

I call it Pineapple Cider. Please note – the Tepache that Reverend Nat makes, contains NO apples, so technically it is not a cider at all. Regardless of what you call it, I love it!

I first had Reverend Nat’s Tepache two weeks ago at the Portland Spring Cider Festival at the Tiffany center. not too sweet with lots of pineapple flavor!

Quoting from Reverend Nat’s website –

Tepache is a traditional Mexican drink,  frequently consumed out of a plastic baggie with a straw, sold by street vendors in Jalisco and made at home. We make our ¡Tepache! with fresh Costa Rican pineapples, pure Michoacan piloncillo (raw unrefined sugar) and a blend of three spices – No Apples! The fermentation happens on the scales and rind of the pineapples, imparting a deep and unique flavor. This beverage is low-alcohol and sweet like a Summer Shandy or Radler due to a partial fermentation of the pineapples. We serve it with one-third beer in a tall 20 ounce glass.

I am really looking forward to this party!

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