KC Shomler Culinary Treasure Network Contributor

KC Shomler This is Culinary Treasure Contributor

KC writes for both This is Culinary Treasure and This is Travel Treasure.

KC Shomler is also the principal writer for Portland Dive Bars, and the Founder of Recipes Are Merely a Suggestion.


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San Diego’s Chicken Pie Shop ~ Chicken Pot Pie Hits the Comfort Spot Like Nobody’s Business – https://www.culinarytreasure.com/san-diegos-chicken-pie-shop/

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Rose No. 1 From de Garde Cellars – The Review & The 411https://www.culinarytreasure.com/rose-no-1-from-degarde-cellars-the-review-the-411/


Links to KC Shomler’s This is Travel Treasure Content

The Hollywood Kimpton Everly Checks All The Boxeshttps://www.thisistraveltreasure.com/the-kimpton-everly-checks-all-the-boxes/


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