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de Garde Cellars – A Brand-New Winery on The Oregon Coast

On Thursday July 22, 2021, de Garde Cellars debuted their very first wine – Rose No. 1.

See this link to read the Noteworthy Wine Journal article about Rose No. 1:

Rose No. 1 From de Cellars – The Review & The 411

de Garde Cellars is brought to you by the fine folks at de Garde Brewing – a world class brewery located in Tillamook, Oregon on the Oregon Coast. See below for links to Culinary Treasure Network content about de Garde Brewing.

Wednesday July 21, 2021 was the day that de Garde Brewing broke the news about de Garde Cellars via the de Garde Brewing Instagram account. See the very end of this article to read the full text from that Instagram post.

On Friday July 23, 2021 I had the privilege of speaking with de Garde Co-founder Trevor Rogers about de Garde Cellars and here is some of what I learned:

de Garde Cellars Tidbits

Trevor and Linsey (de Garde’s other Co-founder) have wanted to make wine for a very long time and finally in 2017 they began taking the steps needed to begin their winemaking journey.

Rouge No. 1 (2018 vintage) will be the next de Garde Cellars release. Look for this wine to be released late summer or early fall (2021). Rouge No. 1 will be a red blend that will be approximately 57% Mourvèdre and 43% Syrah & Grenache.

For at least the next few years de Garde Cellars wine will only be sold at the de Garde Brewing taproom.

The current plan is for de Garde Cellars to release 2 to 3 wines in 2022.

Trevor shared that when the Instagram post announcing de Garde Cellars came out he was touched by all the encouraging words of support he received from both brewers and winemakers.

Trevor also told me that when it came to de Garde Cellars they had held “their cards very close to their vest” and he was glad to finally be able to go public with this news.

While we were talking, I mentioned the phrase I have heard from many winemakers “It takes a lot of beer to make wine” Trevor laughed with amusement and immediately shared that he often says, “It takes a lot of wine to make beer.”

 I closed out my interview with Trevor by asking him to give me one word describing how he feels about de Garde Cellars and with much enthusiasm in his voice he said, “very excited.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the bottle of Rose No. 1 I had Friday night and I am so looking forward to more wine from de Garde Cellars.


Steven Shomler 

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de Garde Cellars is located at 114 Ivy Ave, Tillamook, OR 97141

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Text From the deGarde Brewing Wednesday July 21, 2021 Instagram Post Announcing  de Garde Cellars:

“Introducing de Garde Cellars

We’re ecstatic to announce not just the existence of our winemaking endeavors, but also the first ‘fruits’ of our efforts under the new de Garde Cellars label.

It’s no secret that our brewery has been inspired by wine as much as spontaneously fermented beer. Honestly, our passions were wine-centric before we found beer with a similar sense of place.

Today, we have the pleasure of sharing our efforts.

‘Rose No. 1’ is our first release.

It is a lovely wine that could have come from nowhere else.
We brought in the grapes from ‘The Rocks District of Milton Freewater’ AVA on the Oregon side of the Washington border. Though it’s part of the greater Walla Walla AVA, this tiny portion is unique. To our palates, more so than any other region we’ve found.

The whole grape clusters were macerated by foot in oak tanks, and the free run juice was run into amphorae. A long, natural fermentation with native yeast ensued, with further conditioning on the lees.

The final composition is a unique representation of location and intent.

It presents ripe notes of strawberry and watermelon, cherries, and a hint of maraschino. It’s lent a further complexity from the growing region and the amphora; pronounced aromas of freshly broken river rocks, along with subtle hints of iron and a delicate savory aspect.
Soft, but bold, with enough balancing acid to keep it refreshing, though serious.

No fining, no filtration, and no added yeast, nutrient, or enzyme. Minimal sulfites were added, only at bottling.

Our practices of low intervention, manual processing, and avoidance of additives would likely resonate with those in a firmly natural camp. Really though, we’re just trying to make the best wine possible.
These endeavors are not an afterthought, nor a side project to our brewery.
Hopefully, they represent the vineyard well, and resonate with the drinker.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and we’re looking forward to sharing something (perhaps) even more exciting in the near future…”


See this link to read the Noteworthy Wine Journal article about Rose No. 1


deGarde Cellars – A Brand-New Winery on The Oregon Coast The Noteworthy Wine Journal

deGarde Cellars – A Brand-New Winery on The Oregon Coast The Noteworthy Wine Journal

 deGarde Cellars – A Brand-New Winery on The Oregon Coast The Noteworthy Wine Journal


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