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Lauren Chandler – Founder of Lauren Chandler Cooks Featured in The Kitchn Cookbook!

Lauren Chandler – Chef and Culinary Consultant

Lauren Chandler is a Portland, Oregon based Chef and Culinary Consultant who can equip you to become effective and creative in the kitchen.  Lauren offers public work shops and private classes through her company – Lauren Chandler Cooks.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying Lauren’s cooking three different times now and she is a phenomenal chef!

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Featured in and on the cover of The Kitchn Cookbook!

The very kitchen where Lauren perfects her culinary creations is featured in The Kitchn Cookbook on pages 56-59. Also a photo of Lauren’s kitchen made the cover! So cool!

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Meet Faith Durand, One of the Author’s of the Kitchn Cookbook!

This Wednesday evening, Oct 22nd, 2014 from 6:30-8:.00 PM, Faith Durand, one of the author’s of the Kitchn Cookbook will be appearing at the Cakery. Lauren will be there as well.

The Cakery is located at 6306 SW Capitol Highway in the Hillsdale neighborhood of Portland.

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Coincidently, the Cakery is just four doors down from the new restaurant specializing in brunch that my friends Michael and Charlene are putting in – Gigi’s Cafe!

I will be writing more about this new restaurant that will be featuring Liege style waffles, very soon!

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You can get The Kitchn at Powell’s

They have The Kictchn Cookbook at Powell’s section 532!

I am so excited for my friend Lauren! She is a Portland chef who is featured in a cookbook they sell at Powell’s!

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