The Kitchen at Middleground Farms – A Recreational Cooking School

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The Kitchen at Middleground Farms – A Recreational Cooking School

On Thursday evening Oct 16th, 2014 I attended an event at The Kitchen at Middleground Farms.

My friend Lauren Chandler, Founder of Lauren Chandler Cooks had invited me to go her with and check out this new recreational cooking school located just south of Portland.

I had a delightful time and I met some wonderful people.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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Chef Jessica Hansen 

The Kitchen at Middleground Farms is the culinary tour de force of Chef Jessica Hansen (pictured above with Lauren Chandler).

The address for The Kitchen at Middleground Farms is 4651 SW Homesteader Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070.

To get there, Lauren and I took I-205 south to the Stafford Road exit, just past West Linn.

I have to day – It is a beautiful space! A wonderful place to cook and eat!

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The Kitchen At MiddleGround Farms FB Cover

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On Thursday night oct 16th, I threw out the idea that The Kitchen at Middleground Farms would a perfect place for a Finnriver Cider dinner. That idea got some traction and I hope that it comes to together!

I can just imagine enjoying the creations  of Chefs – Jessica Hansen, Lauren Chandler and Corey Pressman (more on Corey shortly), and having a glass of Finnriver Cider that Jana Daisy-Ensign, Finnriver’s Cider Ambassador has picked out to go with each delectable course.

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Cooking Classes at The Kitchen at Middleground Farms

Cooking classes are offered regularly at The Kitchen at Middleground Farms. The classes use local seasonal ingredients and are suitable for cooks from beginner to advanced.

As of the date of this article upcoming classes included “Date Night – Harvest Classics” were you will learn “to assemble fresh ravioli, make a quick pan sauce, and make a rustic dessert with a silky caramel.  Sweet & Savory meet with this menu! Maple Glazed Tenderloin of Pork with Apples and Leeks, Handmade Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage, Apple Bread Pudding with Whiskey Caramel Sauce”

You can go to the “classes” page of the The Kitchen at Middleground Farms’ website to see what classes are being offered currently –

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The Other Stories I Found Thursday at The Kitchen at Middleground Farms!

I came across some other delightful stories/people Thursday night at The Kitchen Middleground Farms –  Oregon Olive Mill, Ama Meats, The Wine Nomad, and the Wayside Strangers. Here is a little about each of them!

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Oregon Olive Mill

I got to meet Libby Clow with Oregon Olive Mill. Oregon Olive Mill is a wonderful local olive oil produced in Dayton, Oregon at Red Ridge Farms.

Libby shared with me that the olive oil ice cream that they occasionally have at Salt and Straw is made with their Arbequina Olive Oil. I have had that ice cream and it is amazing!

Oregon Olive Mill is getting ready for their annual Olio Nuovo Festival happening this year – November 21-23, 2014  from 10am to 4pm. Admission is free and if you go you can enjoy tours of their Olioteca, tastings of freshly milled oils, and fabulous food and wine pairings.

I suggest that you “like” the Oregon Olive Mill Facebook page – to get updates on this event.

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The Wine Nomad

Tim Martens and Chris Shimamoto are the proud owners of the Wine Nomad.

They bring wine right to your event. Next year they will be opening a bottle shop at the Portland Mercado.  I plan to be writing more about The Wine Nomad

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Corey Pressman Founder of Ama Meats

I love the tag line on Corey’s Ama Meats business card – “Fat. Salt. Love.”

Corey makes sausage and better yet, he can teach toy to do the same!

Check out the Ama Meats website for more info –

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Wayside Strangers 2  Wayside Strangers 1

Patrick Harvey from the Wayside Strangers

Throughout the night I found myself enjoying the live music. I visited with Patrick and he shared with me that he part of the Wayside Strangers and they are a “Roots Blues” band.

I really liked the music I heard Thursday night. I am going to look into playing some Wayside Stranger on my radio show.

Yep – It just so happens that I have my own radio show – Tasty Tuesday, on Portland Radio Project.  At PRP we play Rock, Folk and Blues and we play a local Northwest artist every 15 minutes….

You can follow Wayside Stranger via their Facebook page –

That’s It!

I am Steven Shomler I write about the great food and the great stories that I come across on my culinary adventures!

Steven Shomler Eunice 2014

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