Stories With Griff - Dean's Zesty Booch by Craft Beer Storyteller Steven Shomler

Stories With Griff Video- Dean’s Zesty Booch by Craft Storyteller Steven Shomler

Episode 111 of the Portland Beer Podcast featuring John “Griff” Griffith with Dean’s Zesty Booch has been posted to the Portland Beer Podcast website.

In this video (see below) Craft Beer Storyteller Steven Shomler share two entertaining stories from that episode.



John “Griff” Griffith Dean's Zesty Booch– Portland Beer Podcast Episode 111 by Steven Shomler

John “Griff” Griffith Dean’s Zesty Booch– Portland Beer Podcast Episode 111

If you want to listen to episode 111 in it’s entirety you can listen to it right on the Portland Beer Podcast website here –

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